Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

Peregraf is an independent online outlet; it follows the main principles of journalism as impartiality, accuracy, and accountability.

Through investigative reports, Peregraf mostly covers the Kurdish political, economic and social affairs. The website’s coverage focuses on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, despite working on the issues of the other three parts of Kurdistan in Turkey, Iran, and Syria.

Peregraf is a totally independent outlet without any affiliation with the political parties or any other political or business figure, as it was funded by its founders. As of now, the only financial source of the website is coming through advertisements and grants of independent journalism organizations.

Trust of our readers is significant to Peregraf, thus it picked up “Anchored on Trust” as its main motto.

The Kurdish version of the website was launched in January 2017, and the English section was launched in November 2018.