Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

Lahur’s maneuver in the next 30 days; what is happening inside PUK?

The latest meeting of the PUK Leadership Council, July 19, 2020. Photograph: PUKmedia

The next move of Lahur Sheikh Jangi; will he succeed?

EXCULSIVE: KRG will review its contracts with the oil companies and Turkey, minister says

Workers set up pipeline to transport oil from Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Turkey’s Ceyhan port in 2013. Photo: Peregraf

However, the oil sector, the main source of the (KRG) revenue, remains vague to the political parties in the government.

One-party province: Why only one party dominates Kurdistan’s Bahdinan?

Nechirvan Barzani, Deputy President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), during an election campaign in the city of Duhok. May 6, 2018

"Other parties are weak in Bahdinan for two reasons."

Peregraf exposes health hazard in Kurdistan Region

With the intention of getting his tooth extracted, Xalil visited a dental clinic where he contracted millions of viruses instead...

Kurdistan’s Archaeological Looting: KRG cannot catch the ‘Mafias’

Several archaeological sites in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have been looted, especially in distant districts which are far from police observations.