Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

Map of Kurdistan protests; 8 killed and tens injured

The recent wave of protests in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), mainly in Sulaimanyah and Halabja provinces, has been clamped down by security forces.

Bahdinan detainees; the case everyone has heard of, but no one knows much about

Nearly two dozens of journalists and activists are being held behind bars for months in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Photo: Rojnews

A number of journalists and activists have been detained for months in Kurdistan’s Bahdnian area and their relatives and friends, along with lawmakers...

Kakai Kurds of Khanaqin are searching for the good old days

Paha Kopri Cemetery in Khanaqin; the Kakais are attending the funeral of two brothers killed in a terrorist attack in June. Photo: Amir Khanaqini

It had been too early for Akram Hatam to leave his job and return home. He was not only concerned about his life, but..

Sexual harassment in workplace is unrelenting for women in Kurdistan

It is sundown. Sara had returned home from work and sat with her husband. Suddenly, the incoming message ringtone from her cell phone broke the silence...

Barzani recalls a discussion over a Kurdish state at White House with Joe Biden

“We both will see the independence of Kurdistan in our lifetime,” Joe Biden told Masoud Barzani

Dlovan; another victim of Turkish bombardments in Iraqi Kurdistan

When his uncle arrived, Dlovan’s vehicle was still burning. He could not recognize the corpses of his nephew and..

60 days behind bars: Story of a Kurdish teacher calling for public rights

He has been held behind prison bars for exactly two months, but..