Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

Infidelity.. The hell of those women who remain silent

It was dusk. Sozan was going back home. As she opened the door, she could hear strange sounds...

From the deepest basement to the highest peak of success

The drawing of A Face of Scent (A victim of Halabja) by the artist Hassan Morad

One sister and four brothers, with the eldest being only 12 years old. They are going through a very tough situation..

The trap of social media

 They started with love messages and now as a victim, she looks up to the court to support her.


The 5th of March - the celebration and greatest dream achievement for the Kurds

The Qulla street in Ranya, March 5, 1991

On the 5th of March 1991, along with the falling rain, a piece of news reaches Chwarqwrna Provice from Ranya that goes:

Traffic incidents cause carnage in the Kurdistan Region

Ali and Karwan could not pay much attention to the road or their car's speed. They were driving to a place they have been trying to reach for years.

Kurdish men marry second-wife in Kirkuk

After he lost all hope for a second marriage in the Kurdistan Region, Qadir Majid went to Kirkuk, to marry his second wife without any legal restrictions.

Refugee girls exhausted of abuse in Kurdistan Region

Suad has rarely been jobless. When she saw the poor conditions in which her family lived, she immediately..

A life of drug and prison

A life of drug and prison

Dreaming about reaching Europe, he carries all his money and heads towards Turkey.