Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

Three years on, no end in sight for austerity measures

Rebwar Muhammad has spent half of his life as a teacher, but has never felt as tired as the last three years due to unfavourable governmental measures.

Two-month hunger strike leaves Leyla Guven in critical condition

Leyla Guven in prison

A jailed Kurdish lawmaker who has been on a hunger strike for 69 days, despite her critical health condition, is not ready to end her strike.

ISIS is here. Villagers are on their own

ISIS is still a threat to some areas south of Kirkuk. Photo: Peregraf

Bakir and the residents of his village have been armed for nine months to protect their village.

Traffic incidents cause carnage in the Kurdistan Region

A traffic accident in the town of Chamchamal. Photo: Chamchamal Traffic

Ali and Karwan could not pay much attention to the road or their car's speed. They were driving to a place they have been trying to reach for years.

Senior Barzani to save his son's skin in cabinet formation

Cabinet formation negotiations have not yielded any result yet.

Wounded by ISIS, forgotten by officials

Saman Sidiq's surgery was complicated - he not only lost the chance to carry out his duty as a peshmerga but also lost the ability to use half of his body along with his tongue.