Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust


Market intervention and monopoly; Gorran under new wave of internal criticism

New objections have arisen within Gorran Movement concerning market intervention and "dirty deals" with projects..

Turkish airstrikes displace hundreds of people in Iraqi Kurdistan

Hundreds of Iraqi Kurdistan people have evacuated their villages and now live in displacement since the launch of Turkish air and ground...

Dlovan; another victim of Turkish bombardments in Iraqi Kurdistan

When his uncle arrived, Dlovan’s vehicle was still burning. He could not recognize the corpses of his nephew and..

EXCULSIVE: KRG will review its contracts with the oil companies and Turkey, minister says

However, the oil sector, the main source of the (KRG) revenue, remains vague to the political parties in the government.

The KRG Needs to Listen to Critics, Not Arrest Them

Like authorities in Baghdad, KRG authorities routinely use vaguely-worded penal code defamation and incitement provisions drafted decades ago to bring criminal charges for...