Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust


The KRG Needs to Listen to Critics, Not Arrest Them

Like authorities in Baghdad, KRG authorities routinely use vaguely-worded penal code defamation and incitement provisions drafted decades ago to bring criminal charges for...

Kurdistan’s ethnic and religious components between independence and KDP’s subsidiary

Masoud Barzani, expressed his concern and reasserted his support for ethno-religious components.

The nightmare of another round of Kurdish civil war is knocking on the door

After three decades of self-governing the Kurds in Iraq, the KRG Prime Minister admitted a bitter truth 

Minorities in Kurdistan Region discontented and seek further rights

 Ethnic and religious minorities in Kurdistan Region are expecting to be assigned more positions...

Anfal victims massacred in exile are now being buried without identification

Hundreds of kilometers away from their homeland, Anfal victims were massacred on a.. 

The stories beneath the soil
The tragedy of Kurdish genocide in the deserts of Iraq

The hair of the victims are still the same, women’s bags, the child in the mother’s arms, the plastic shoes, even the elders with traditional Kurdish belts with tightened hands and eyes are all buried in mass graves.

Reform from Masoud Barzani to his son Masrour Barzani

People of Kurdistan hear about the fight against corruption over and over again