Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust


The 5th of March - the celebration and greatest dream achievement for the Kurds

On the 5th of March 1991, along with the falling rain, a piece of news reaches Chwarqwrna Provice from Ranya that goes:

KDP and PUK reach an agreement - how is the issue of Kirkuk dealt with?

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have signed an agreement.

KDP-Gorran agreement; will reform be put into practice?

Gorran has tightened its conditions to a thorough reform in its new agreement with the KDP

EXCLUSIVE: Osman Ocalan speaks to Peregraf about Ocalan’s kidnapping

In winter 1999, the leaders of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) held their sixth congress in the Zagros Mountains.

Peshmerga‌s return to disputed areas is "a US plan"

"Peshmerga will return hundred per cent. There has been an agreement, and only the implementation is left." 

Duhok activists on hunger-strike jailed

It has been four days since scores of activists have been locked behind bars in Duhok.

Two bullets from Turkish troops snatched a mother’s dream

Only an adolescent by age, but a mature man for his family.

Two-month hunger strike leaves Leyla Guven in critical condition

A jailed Kurdish lawmaker who has been on a hunger strike for 69 days, despite her critical health condition, is not ready to end her strike.

ISIS is here. Villagers are on their own

Bakir and the residents of his village have been armed for nine months to protect their village.