Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust


Exclusive: PM Abdulmahdi nods to Kurdish opposition candidate for justice ministry in phone call

Adil Abdulmahdi, approved a candidate from the Kurdish opposition, Gorran for his justice ministry.

All offices of "PKK-affiliated" party closed in Kurdistan region

The security forces affiliated with the PUK closed down all offices of Tavgari Azadi

KDP wants to ‘handcuff’ new Speaker

The KDP plans to prevent the issuance of any new law or bill in parliament without its consent

KDP and PUK up the ante in Baghdad

Barzani’s recent visit to Baghdad highlighted the issues between the PUK and the KDP

Peregraf launches its English website 

Peregraf was first launched in Kurdish only, with the motto “Anchored on Trust”, in January 2017

Prominent judge resigns citing political intervention in judiciary

"The judiciary is not only under the government influence but also part of the political parties."