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Kurdistan’s Archaeological Looting: KRG cannot catch the ‘Mafias’

Several archaeological sites in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have been looted, especially in distant districts which are far from police observations. 

The threat of cancer reaches homes: dangerous greenhouse products due to chemicals

In Kurdistan Region, greenhouse products pose a silent threat to the lives of people

Black Smoke Threatens the People in Kurdish area

The people of the city believe that the smoke originates from the burning of tyres. However, it is something far more dangerous.

Marriage under the family code
The stories of forced marriage in Kurdistan

Parwin was still a teenage girl when she was exposed to severe stress due to her father pressurizing her to get married to...

The story of Kurdistan’s Street-Working Children

In the hottest or coldest weather of the year, from dusk till dawn, Mohammad takes to the streets, knocks on car windows...

Begging: a lifetime profession
Why those who start this job can never quit

As soon as Asr prayer finishes, Muhammad stands up and calls on to people out loud in Sorani dialect mixed with Kurmanci and Arabic words..

Having escaped the fire but continually burning in society

The story of women who confined themselves due to their burn marks

Love in a padlock

In a spot on Delal Bridge, Dlovan tied a padlock to the river’s guardrail inscribed with his and his lover’s names.

The last hope of Sole Survivors of Anfal

They want to have DNA tests before they dies