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KRG starts gun control

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Interior eyes on the silence of all kinds of common guns among people, from RPG to MK47, and even pistols. 

The death of the Mir
For 73 years he led Yazidi community

Tahseen Begg has been the prince (leader) of Yazidis in the world for 73 years until he died last week at the age of 86.

Kurdish men marry second-wife in Kirkuk

After he lost all hope for a second marriage in the Kurdistan Region, Qadir Majid went to Kirkuk, to marry his second wife without any legal restrictions.

Traffic incidents cause carnage in the Kurdistan Region

Ali and Karwan could not pay much attention to the road or their car's speed. They were driving to a place they have been trying to reach for years.

Chamchamal youths call for gun control

It's about to get dark, a number of armed men enter a house belonging to a government official, shooting 27 bullets at his car and his home...

Gunrunning, a trade in the open

The market is entirely different. People deal with guns and ammunition. The deal is illegal but conducted in the open.

Knitting for 20 years without her eyes

Khabir Muhammad was born blind - ever since, her hands have been her guide to brighten her life.

Mother's death shakes a nation
Sewa ignored pain for her family's sake

Two months ago Sewa Qadir decided to ignore her husband's violent behavior to protect her family.