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Hundreds of KRG’s oil refineries threaten the environment and people's health

Hundreds of illegal refineries threaten the health of people in the Kurdistan region

After three years of ISIS torture, Layla is looking for her husband

Layla Taalo spent three difficult years, with all kinds of physical and psychological torture. 

No award would return our dignity but justice: Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad

Nadia Murad asked the international community to alter their sympathy to action on the ground.

The never-ending misery of murdered journalist mother

Her face tells it all. With a black garment, a sign of suffering, she is crawled in the corner of her house

Sulaimaniyah: More than two new cases of breast cancer recorded daily

"I always tell people: do exercise. It does not cost anything. At least try to walk half an hour on a daily basis"