Peregraf discloses its sources of income over the past five years

27-07-2022 06:19


In the interest of transparency, Peregraf has decided to publish its budget and sources of income during its first five years of work.

Between when the site launched January 2017 and December 2021, Peregraf’s total income was 142,355 USD. This excludes 6,000 USD in self-financing that the owner contributed as start-up funding.

Over the past five years, 65 percent of Peregraf’s funding came from international sources, totaling 92,630 USD. This funding supported journalistic work and journalism training courses.

The remaining 35 percent, totaling 49,725 USD, came from local advertising and the election campaigns of different lists and entities during the Kurdistan regional and Iraqi federal elections.

The breakdown of that funding is outlined in this graphic.