Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust


KDP, PUK cadres caught in crossfire

Two vehicles full of armed men land at Peshraw Waysi's place and knock at his door.

Senior Barzani to save his son's skin in cabinet formation

Cabinet formation negotiations have not yielded any result yet.

Kurds claim Trump sold Rojava to Erdogan

"You've always betrayed Kurds for your own economic interest. Only Russia and Iran know you well."

Power struggle within Barzani Tribe

The Security Council of the Kurdistan region has been firmly controlled by the KDP since its inception, without any room for negotiation.

Only mountains friends of Kurds? Trump under test

A famous Kurdish saying is that only the mountains are our friends.

50-50 era is past, reform and change are coming: Barzani

Masoud Barzani, said the tradition of 50-50 is now abolished, and a strong government will bring about change at all levels in the Kurdistan region.

PUK, KDP arrange new inclusive agreement

The meeting is going to accelerate the formation of a new government

Kurdish leader calls on international committee to be present in trial

Selahettin Demirtas calls on the international community to be present while he is being tried this week.

Masrour Barzani, from top intelligence to top executive

He has been working for his party’s intelligence the moment he stepped into Politics.

Kouchner in Rojava: We have to confront Turkish occupation

Bernard Kouchner, said to work to confront and limit Turkish violence and demographic change in the Kurdish-populated areas in Syria.