About us

PEREGRAF is an independent online outlet; it follows the main principles of journalism as impartiality, accuracy, and accountability.

Through investigative reports, PEREGRAF mostly covers the Kurdish political, economic, and social affairs. The website’s coverage focuses on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

PEREGRAF is a totally independent outlet without any affiliation with the political parties or any other political or business figure, as it was funded by its founders. As of now, the only financial source of the website is coming through advertisements and grants of independent journalism organizations.

PEREGRAF now is in its eighth year of operation. PEREGRAF is an independent media under the motto of "PEREGRAF Is Anchored on Trust." PEREGRAF is currently receiving a two-year $104,000 grant from the US-based National Endowment for Democracy(NED). The fund paved the way for a new stage for PEREGRAF in both Kurdish and English for two years (2024-2026).

The grant from NED is the fifth financial support from an international organization. From 2021 to 2024, the US-based NED provided $149,000 as a financial support to Peregraf. Furthermore, PEREGRAF has previously received a one-year grant from the Open Society Foundation in 2018.

In addition to producing works of investigative journalism, PEREGRAF also strives to improve the working environment for journalists in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region through skills training. In 2020, it ran an intensive three-month training program for journalists, which was supported by the German Foreign Ministry through its consulate in Erbil in the amount of 21,000 Euros..

The independence of the PEREGRAF website, which is the main reason for its trustworthiness, is based on the unique funding model in the Kurdistan Region. The owner and editor-in-chief sold a car to start the website in 2017. Subsequently, it was funded through advertising and support from international organizations. This allows PEREGRAF to continue to produce ethical and professional journalism.

Trust of our readers is significant to PEREGRAF, thus it picked up "Anchored on Trust" as its main motto.

The Kurdish version of the website was launched in January 2017, and the English section was launched in November 2018.