Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

The stories beneath the soil
The tragedy of Kurdish genocide in the deserts of Iraq

The hair of the victims are still the same, women’s bags, the child in the mother’s arms, the plastic shoes, even the elders with traditional Kurdish belts with tightened hands and eyes are all buried in mass graves.

Kurdistan’s Archaeological Looting: KRG cannot catch the ‘Mafias’

The construction of an archaeological site in the province of Duhok under the supervision of the KRG’s Directorate of Antiquities and a German University

Several archaeological sites in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have been looted, especially in distant districts which are far from police observations. 

The threat of cancer reaches homes: dangerous greenhouse products due to chemicals

In Kurdistan Region, greenhouse products pose a silent threat to the lives of people

Marriage under the family code

Parwin was still a teenage girl when she was exposed to severe stress due to her father pressurizing her to get married to...

Peregraf exposes health hazard in Kurdistan Region

With the intention of getting his tooth extracted, Xalil visited a dental clinic where he contracted millions of viruses instead...

Infidelity.. The hell of those women who remain silent

It was dusk. Sozan was going back home. As she opened the door, she could hear strange sounds...

Refugee girls exhausted of abuse in Kurdistan Region

Suad has rarely been jobless. When she saw the poor conditions in which her family lived, she immediately took on a job..

The story of Kurdistan’s Street-Working Children

The story of Kurdistan’s Street-Working Children

In the hottest or coldest weather of the year, from dusk till dawn, Mohammad takes to the streets, knocks on car windows...