Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

Aram Sheikh Muhammad Confiscates Public Property and Considered "Corrupted"

Aram Sheikh Muhammad, has left his position. Yet he has confiscated some public property and is not ready to hand them back.

The last hope of Sole Survivors of Anfal

An Anfal survivor among the remains of who had been killed during Anfal genocide

They want to have DNA tests before they dies

Peregraf exposes health hazard in Kurdistan Region

With the intention of getting his tooth extracted, Xalil visited a dental clinic where he contracted millions of viruses instead...

What is happening inside the schools of Kurdistan?

Peregraf discloses several cases corporal punishment: students beaten and tortured

Traffic incidents cause carnage in the Kurdistan Region

Ali and Karwan could not pay much attention to the road or their car's speed. They were driving to a place they have been trying to reach for years.

Kurdish men marry second-wife in Kirkuk

After he lost all hope for a second marriage in the Kurdistan Region, Qadir Majid went to Kirkuk, to marry his second wife without any legal restrictions.

Infidelity.. The hell of those women who remain silent

It was dusk. Sozan was going back home. As she opened the door, she could hear strange sounds...

Refugee girls exhausted of abuse in Kurdistan Region

Suad has rarely been jobless. When she saw the poor conditions in which her family lived, she immediately..

A life of drug and prison

A life of drug and prison

Dreaming about reaching Europe, he carries all his money and heads towards Turkey.