Peregraf Is Anchored on Trust

50-50 era is past, reform and change are coming: Barzani

Masoud Barzani, said the tradition of 50-50 is now abolished, and a strong government will bring about change at all levels in the Kurdistan region.

PUK, KDP arrange new inclusive agreement

Led by deputy leader of PUK Kosrat Rasul, and deputy leader of KDP Nechirvan Barzani, the two parties met for a new agreement. Photo: Surkew Mohammed / Peregraf

The meeting is going to accelerate the formation of a new government

KDP wants to ‘handcuff’ new Speaker

From the previous Kurdistan Parliament Presidency Board, just the deputy speaker belonged to the KDP

The KDP plans to prevent the issuance of any new law or bill in parliament without its consent

Masrour Barzani, from top intelligence to top executive

Masrour Barzani, was nominated for the KRG prime minister. Photograph: Surkew Mohammed/Peregraf

He has been working with his party's intelligence since he joined politics.

Kurdish leader calls on international committee to be present in trial

Selahettin Demirtas calls on the international community to be present while he is being tried this week.

Sulaimaniyah: More than two new cases of breast cancer recorded daily

"I always tell people: do exercise. It does not cost anything. At least try to walk half an hour on a daily basis"